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The stress Real Estate entrepreneurs have on them and the pressure to make money, generate leads, track financials, network and build relationships and even be the janitor at times is all too real. But don’t forget that at the end of the day, they still have their responsibility on the home front. Meanwhile, that same Real Estate Entrepreneur is being told their idea isn’t good enough, or they will never succeed. Before you know it, they think this is 100% true.
Shawn, Roger, Marie, and Jake are no exception. Over the last 15+ years. Each of them had these same thoughts at some point or another. So what changed?

They came to experience the power of a mentor and a community in their businesses. Having a solid and reliable community of experts to help take the burden of doing this alone away from them has become the key to their success over the years.

After years of building different businesses individually. Supporting each other and other Real Estate Professionals, as well as continuing to bring valuable information and skills to each other’s corner. Shawn, Roger, Marie, and Jake had built their own successful businesses. For many entrepreneurs, does it get any better than that? Most would say that they had reached the top of the mountain. Not Shawn, Roger, Marie, and Jake. This was just the starting point.

You see, the more they got to know each other, Shawn, Roger, Marie, and Jake came to realize the drive for what they do was very similar. They all enjoyed seeing other Real Estate Entrepreneurs break past the areas in business that were holding them back. Seeing others achieve the business goals they wanted to and being able to share in a piece of getting them there. Helping Real Estate Professionals break away from the crowd of competition or become the go-to in their local markets. Watching them create opportunities in their business and finally get the financial and time freedom many real estate professionals start this business looking for was more than they could ever ask for.

In 2022, Shawn, Roger, Marie, and Jake decided to join forces. Fed up and tired of the overpriced “guru” programs that lacked support or real education on building a “Business” and not just a “hobby” for their students, they decided to create an unmatched community and program they call Investor Harvest. Together their members have an unfair advantage over the competition in their local markets. With Shawn focusing on the message your business wants to say, Roger focused on ensuring that message shows up when your ideal client needs to see it. Marie focused on creative financing and getting out of your own way, and Jake mastering the art of systemizing your business and building a team of VA’s. It’s the jab, jab ,jab, right hook; your competition will be left wondering what you’re doing to gain all the business in the marketplace. Ready to experience Investor Harvest? Join Today.

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Educating Real Estate Professionals To Build a Business and Not Just a Hobby!!