Who is This Membership For?
This membership is for real estate professionals looking to enhance their knowledge, systems, and overall business without the overpriced “Guru” program cost. If you are a Real Estate professional looking for a community of other professionals taking their business to the next level without the hype and fluff, you found the right place.
What Will I Get With This Membership?
First off, you will get direct to the point education, guidance, and support that isn’t filled with fluff or “Pay us more for that.” You will also have access to monthly group training, live events, on-demand deal review, and deal structure hotlines. As a founding member, you will have access to many benefits coming as Investor Harvest looks to expand.
What is the Founding Member Package?
As one of the founding members, you are part of the initial 200 members who can claim the title “Founding Member.” Your founding member program will be locked in for the life of your membership. At any point, if you choose to stop your founding member plan, you will lose this program and not be allowed to restart it.
Can I Cancel My Founding Member Package and Restart Again with It Later?
The founding member plan is for the first 200 members. This means after there are 200 members in the founding member plan, we will no longer allow others to get access to it. If you decide to terminate your founding member program and re-start later, you, unfortunately, will not be able to re-start as a founding member.
What is the Cancelation Process?
Although we hope never to see someone leave, we understand this will happen. All we ask is that you give at least 7-day notice before your next billing date to ensure we have time to successfully terminate your program. If you for whatever reason, notify us inside the 7-day window, we will do our best to terminate before your next cycle, but this can result in an additional month of membership depending on timing.
Is there a refund?
Memberships are month to month. There are no contracts or set membership times. If for whatever reason, you do not see value in the membership, all you need to do is notify us within 7 days of your billing cycle to terminate your membership.
Is there a contract to the membership?
Memberships are month to month. There are no contracts or set membership times.
Are the trainings recorded?
The monthly zoom group training will be recorded and posted. However, the live events will not be recorded. We will host these multiple times a year to give you an opportunity to attend in person.